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About the Program

Ultimate Quest has been designed to teach young people to see
life from God’s point of view and make wise decisions.

Isaiah 55:8 tells us that our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, neither are our ways like His ways.
Because we all tend to rely on how we feel or on what seems right to us, Ultimate Quest seeks to show us
what God sees in our day-to-day situations and decisions.

Ultimate Quest consists of large group sessions, each being introduced by a thought provoking
video to stimulate interest in the topic. Each participant will also be part of a smaller group
led by a trained leader, where youth can share their thoughts and discuss the lessons presented to them.

Using illustrations and activities, Ultimate Quest shows in practical ways what it’s like to
live following God’s wisdom in the daily decisions we face in life. It also teaches wisdom in
how to deal with the difficult people, problems and trials that come our way.

The UQ Team

Australians Daniel Harrison and Jason Lau are Ultimate Quest's main presenters. You can meet the guys on their vlog at

Daniel Harrison is an economics student, photographer, and triathlon enthusiast. He has served in full time ministry for more than 8 years, and has a passion for encouraging others to be real in their love for God and dedication to His ways. Aside from having an awesome accent, Daniel is also famous for once setting both arms on fire - at a first aid course. True story.

Jason Lau is a half-Chinese Aussie who lived in the Philippines, visits relatives in Malaysia, leads a Vietnamese student outreach, and loves eating chicken biryani (it tastes way better than it sounds!). A licensed attorney, his true passion lies in challenging young people and the Church to relationship with Christ, and he is involved in a number of church and youth ministries. Jason is notorious for his incredibly cheesy jokes, although a few people have been known to laugh. We've asked them not to encourage him.

The Ultimate Quest group discussion leaders this summer will include a mix of international and local staff. While they will vary from event to event, they share their love for the Lord in common. We are excited to have so many incredible individuals coming together to share their lives with you, and we know you'll be blessed – they're contagious!

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